A library for everyone. Łódź, Gdynia, Kraków, Bergen – different cities, a common idea. Increasing access to culture – model Polish and Norwegian solution.

Check out attractions in your city

As part of the project “Library for everyone. Łódź, Gdynia, Cracow, Bergen – different cities, a shared idea. Widening access to culture – Polish and Norwegian model-driven solutions” we have planned exceptional attractions. Check out what will happen in your city.


  • family picnics,
  • meetings with comic book authors and writers,
  • global education workshops,
  • culinary workshops,
  • workshops for children on tolerance,
  • dog therapy shows.

For more information about events in Łódź, please visit the “Events” tab


  • workshops,
  • meetings,
  • games about the cultures of other countries,
  • The Moving Reading Room without Borders, or a cargo bike with books in different languages,
  • a carnival party for children with fairy tales, legends and customs of different countries as its theme.

For more information about events in Cracow, please visit the “Events” tab


  • meetings with authors about music and literature,
  • art workshops for children,
  • eco workshops,
  • large-format board game,
  • sandcastle building competition,
  • the Witcher’s village from Sapkowski’s novel.

For more information about events in Gdynia, please visit the “Events” tab

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