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Magic Worked – Polanka Transformed into the Witcher’s Village

From noon till sunset, we were having fun at the Witcher’s Village built on Polanka Redłowska (Redłowska Glade) – an event full of entertainment addressed to all residents of Gdynia and the surrounding area. Visitors could count on many attractions – runes painting, sewing a Witcher pouch (for sure, it will come in handy when coins will be tossed), bookcrossing and numerous meetings, competitions and – shooting a bow! All this crowned with a concert and a bonfire.

Thanks to the rich programme and many attractions available simultaneously, everyone could find something of interest – and not necessarily a static activity. Reenactors invited all participants to play with traditional weapons: swords, spears and bows, turning the glade into a Slavic warrior school of sorts. Everyone could try their hand under the guidance of experienced experts.

At the same time, the stage hosted Word Catchers with their marvellous stories, reenactors from the Stronghold in Sopot who were as kind as to tell us about knightly weaponry, Łukasz Kozak relating the ghastly research for his book Upiór. Historia naturalna [Phantom. Natural History] or Magdalena Zawadzka-Sołtysek with stories about the fantastic adventures of the characters from her novels.

The day was crowned with a knowledge quiz about the Witcher and Witcher monsters, which unexpectedly turned into a Witcher song recital, and a rather more scheduled concert by the Medieval Music Ensemble DISCANTUS. After the performance, the band members invited the audience to join them in a medieval dance.

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