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Przystań Książki [Book Harbour] 2021 – Thank You for the Time We Spent Together!

This year’s Book Harbour ended with a bang – its final event featured a meeting with Artur Andrus, a versatile stage personality, author of books and poetry.

The conversation with our Guest on both everyday and professional life was led by Hanna Łozowska, a journalist, Polish Reportage School student and cultural event organiser. Artur Andrus is not only a well-known book author, but also a recognisable media personality, so meeting him our participants had an opportunity to get to know a piece of Polish culture.

Furthermore, in August children could participate in environmental workshops, where they created colourful sea-themed posters using bottle caps, and made their own personalised tracks with renewable raw materials. This way we could spend time together and learn how to use wisely, in the spirit of less waste, the resources we already have and which have already been produced.

During our meetings on the beach, children also created colourful masks and dream catchers, and once again competed in a sand sculpture contest.

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