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We got to know Gdynia during a walk

Recent days saw the first walk around Gdynia organised for new, foreign residents our City. We managed to visit places important with regard to their historical, cultural and administrative sides.

As part of the walk, the participants could visit the City Hall, where they learned the most important information about the offices and institutions operating in Gdynia. They got acquainted with the history of Gdynia at the Piłsudski Monument, where they could listen to about the Marshal himself, as well as get to know the cultural and social context and to learn something about Kashubia, the situation of Poland after World War I or the Free City of Gdańsk, which was created under the Treaty of Versailles, which gave an impulse for establishment of the port in Gdynia. The visitors also saw the Monument to the Victims of December 70’, Teatr Dramatyczny, the went to the viewpoint in Gdynia and got to know the Film Centre, music theatre and InfoBox, namely one of the most important points with information about our City.

During the walk, the participants received packets of information to help them settle in Gdynia.

As part of the project, it will be possible to go for a walk around Gdynia three more times with our wonderful guide, Małgorzata Chachaj:

The number of walk’s participants is limited and registration is required at promocja@bibliotekagdynia.pl!

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